Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Sunday 5 Lives Here

Welcome along my friends to the show that never ends......

The WozzaBlog is being revived to host the archive of the Internet's newest music mailing list.....every sunday Wozza (in the person of himself) will send subscribers 5 song for them to listen to via youtube/vevo/dailymotion. That's the premise. The concept is launched today with the first email next week.

The '5' will be posted here the Sunday after they appear in the subscribers email. Occasional guest Curator slots will be offered, details closer the time but you will send five song to the host who may or may not forward them.

 I'm a music lover and have been in and around the London scene for over a decade...this is the latest project......influences include rock, pop, classic, rap, chill, hip hop, ska, blues, bluegrass, country, western, alternative, electronics, jazz.....there will be classics, oddities, new stuff and old.

 Please feel free to come here and hang out and discuss...

 To register for the email contact "blog at wozza dot info"

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