Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday 5 - Volume 2. October 12th 2014

Good Morning....

Still here?. Jolly good, shall we crack on then?.
You want to put the kettle on?, oh, ok.......we can wait.....and open the 
newspaper to your favourite section?.......ok, are we quite done?.....

here goes.......

1) The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed
2)  The Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres
3) Drive-By Truckers - Gravity's Gone (very late substitution for another DBT song)
4) Scott Walker - Jackie
5) Cousteau - The Last Good Day Of The Year

Postscript - The youtube playlist format is being used as the least worst option of delivery

at the moment.

* Spotify requires software and syncs with facebook (and also has adverts unless you subscribe)

* Making the playlist downloadable penalises people with slow connections or mobile devices.

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