Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday 5 - Volume 72

(after nearly a dozen re-⁠writes.......)

Volume 72

Jasmine Thompson -⁠ Wrecking Ball
Glee Cast -⁠ Poker Face
The Belle Stars -⁠ Sign Of The Times
The Waitresses -⁠ I Know What Boys Like
Voice Of The Beehive -⁠ Don't Call Me Baby
Pop out on youtube


Howard said...

dude, she souunds far beyond her years. That voice is incredible.

WozzaBlog said...

She is Epic. I was tempted to use Mileys version as I'm a little over the trend of low-fi covers but this absolutely changed my mind.

Howard said...

there are many unique covers of it- metal included but not all good. didnt like ron jeremy's cover vid- thats for sure, lol.